Friday, November 15, 2013

Ain't No Wifey? Ain't no Good Slogan...

So a few months ago, this "Ain't No Wifey" slogan popped up from the L.A Company, Dimepiece, and became super popular when Cara Delevigne snapped a few Instagram flicks. And, (because the masses seem to buy whatever Cara promotes) floods you teens and young adult women picked up the tees, tanks and beanies. And I don't get it.

So, after reading an MTV interview with Dimepiece creators Laura Fama and Ashley Jones (someone has to research these things)...I think I still don't get the appeal. Fama explains the origins of the quote, saying "That was from our first collection! It actually arose from a Lil Wayne interview, where he kept talking about "my wifey" this, and "wifey" that, so we were like, "F*** that! Who says you HAVE to be a wifey?""

No one says. You don't have to be a "wifey". But you don't have to insult those who are either.

I get it. You. Are a strong and independent woman. Got it. I really do. I pride myself on being a functioning adult as well. No I don't need any man either. I can pay for my own, buy my own, and spoil myself.

But if you are that strong, do you really need to demean an institution that is one of the oldest in human society, the institution of marriage? Do you really think it makes you look good to make something else so many countless women over the eons have cherished?

And who says that being a wife makes you any less independent, any less strong, any less powerful? I know some wives who exhibit such strength that she carries her family especially through tough times; such power that she knows how to get what she wants done, and possesses the wisdom to know how to use that power to build her family up while tearing deterrents around them down; and such independence, she can be the bread winner if need be without demeaning or lowering her husband in any type of way. These women encourage me, and make me hope that I too get the privilege and the blessing to become a wife someday.

Maybe Fama and Jones haven't been exposed to such women.

Some people may say, "What's the big deal, Whit? It's just clothes." My response is clothes are not just something to throw on. They are a way you communicate who you are and what you are feeling today. They even give a glimpse of what is going on in your psyche. I ask you, what message are you sending by wearing this apparel? Because those who are actually strong and independent don't need to scrawl it across their tee in block letters, nor do they need to lower others either. 

Just something to consider ladies.

(Photos from the Dimepiece site)

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