Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mr Freeze: Guys Coats

I know it seems like I'm treating my menfolk like the stepchildren and lavishing all my attention on the ladies...sorry dudes.

To make up for my severe lack of attention to my Reclaimed Guys, I have rounded up my favorite coat styles for your visual consumption. I know...your welcome.

Kenneth Cole Melton Woolblend Military Coat. Remember you don't have to buy this particular coat to get this particular look. There are many versions (in various price ranges) of this type of coat. Structured, well made, and sharp. Can go with your work or weekend clothes.

Holister Puffer Coat with a hood. Puffers are easy and comfy. What I particularly like about this style of puffer coat is that it is somewhat fitted which makes you look more put together than a looser fitting coat.

I just feel like every man should have a leather (or leather-esque for our earth friendly guys) jacket. This one has the structure of the military coat but can be just as casual as the blue puffer. Plus some of these are lined with fur (or faux fur for our nature centered dudes). This one is from

Long wool blend trench coats...for when your shorter coat is not dressy enough and your puffer is obsolete. These two are by Mantoni (left) and Alfani (right). Don't be limited to black and gray, I've seen nice navy and various brown versions of this coat. Go for it. Have fun with your look. Make it say what you want to convey to the world about you. 

Expect an accessories guide soon, dudes. Much love!