Monday, February 10, 2014

This Week In Thrifting

This week in Thrifting was a much better week. I got to replace some sweaters I'm donating with "newer" ones, nabbed some pretty neat tote bags (a good thrifter ALWAYS has his/her own tote!) and found some great potential items to pawn on eBay.
This Lucca Couture one is pretty sweet! Very spacious and cool design. 

This one is not as spacious, but will probably end up being my go to tote. Why? Because Adriano Goldschmied is kind of a big deal, one of the designers you would find in Saks way before you find it at the thrift. C'mon, if  you can have a designer tote, why wouldn't you?

Another stunning Ostrich Bag. But this one is by Anne Klein. A large burgundy envelope clutch with a lock and chain. In love!

This little Dooney was an impulse buy. Sturdy, ladylike with top handles in great condition? Someone on eBay is going to love this!

A super thick and super cozy Gap Body cardi, with this eternal winter weather we are having is a win.

This Salmon colored sweater is going to look great with dark skinnies and boots. Done!

A brown leather grommet Coach wristlet is going to make some lady on eBay smile.

And this croco embossed pencil case, because it was a dollar and it's so lux. 

Not a bad week! Happy thrifting!