Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Rant Against Overalls or What to wear instead

I don't like your over alls. At all. I don't care what you put it with, whether a blouse or crop top, pumps or sneakers, they still won't appeal to me.
Sidenote: I should say that back when I was a pre-teen, I owned 5 different pairs that I loved and wore into the ground. They were awesome.

But I was a pre-teen. A kid. That's what I believe overalls are for. 

Kids and those doing some form of manual labor, i.e. farmers or carpenters.

Needless to say certain things I grew out of, overalls being one of them (however obviously not hello kitty or stickers yet). And since their fashion scene resurgence, I've been very disappointed.

I can see how they have come back into style with the rise and popularization of ther cover ups. Dungarees would be a natural progression. 

But that doesn't make me like them any more. May I be frank? Personally, I think they look immature and unpolished. No matter what you put them with (and I've seen people put them with everything sophisticated).

Good thing there are plenty of beautiful options to go for.

Jumpsuits are having a major moment this year. Coming in every hue, pattern and fabric choice imaginable, these cover alls are very comfy and can easily be dressed up or down with the simple addition of accessories. Jumpsuits can even make seasonal change with the addition of warm or cold weather items

This short option of the above jumpsuit, rompers are also very easy to dress up or down. Heels or flip flops, it's a perfect summer (and in certain places early fall) essential for easy and immediate outfit. However, unlike the jumpsuit, rompers are reserved for warmer weather so enjoy these options while you can.

A Dress:
Yeah, a dress. The original instant outfit and cover up. There is literally a dress style for every body type, personality, mood, occasion and season. When you slip on a dress you are instantly dressed (pun intended) and ready to go. Dresses also transition weather changes and seasonal shifts and are easy to make fit the event or occasion you're attending.

With all of these gorgeous, sophisticated, and very comfy options, why would you want to limit yourself to farmer overalls? Make the transition...and leave the overalls for the kids.

Stay stylish, loves!