Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thrifty Tip #24: DONT BUY THAT: stuff you shouldn't buy second hand...ever

The majority of the things I own are second hand. That Michael Kors Jet Set I'm carrying this summer? Won (twice) from eBay. Those gold Sperry's and J Crew Bubble necklace I'm wearing today? Nabbed those at Philly Aids Thrift. The Givenchy Pearl Posts I love wearing? Straight from Tucker's Digs. My living room rug? Given to me by by boss. The vast majority of my books? Library book sales and second hand bins. My beautiful white scroll bed frame? Free from craigslist (brand new too!)

Yeah, I literally live off of all of my second hand finds. There are so many things that don't need to be bought new, and usually things that can be consigned or even thrifted have stood the test of time and therefore are quality enough to have another life in your possession. 

However there are things that even us seasoned thrift shoppers and second hand pros refuse buy new:

Under garments:
This feels like a no brainer. Do you REALLY want to wear some one else's thong?

Hosiery/ Socks:

Foot fungus...eww.

Swim wear:
Same as the undergarments. Better to just buy it new.

Bicycle Helmets:
These are only meant to survive one accident. After that, they are pretty much a funny looking hat with little to no head protection.

Never ever under any circumstances buy a mattress used. 2 words every thrifter and urban people fear? Bed bugs. Nuff said.

Unless they are tagged that they have been professionally cleaned ( which most larger thrifts do) don't buy them.

Kids Furniture/ Cribs/ Car Seats:
Just buy your little one new stuff. You can use the money you save from buying your own stuff thrifted to get them new stuff. 

Make Up:
Cosmetics should be purchased new. Unless it still has it's original wrapping still around it...No...don't buy it.

Food is meant to be purchased at locations such as grocery stores, markets, convenience stores, and the like.

Anything that just looks dirty:
If it looks gross, it probably is. Remember almost everything you buy at the thrift had a previous life. You don't past life grossness in your current possession. 

Those all out of the way, I hope you have an amazing thrift experience. Thrifting is one of the best and economically friendly ways to beef up a closet without becoming destitute. Enjoy and happy thrifting.