Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tory Burch and Fit Bit Team Up (umm does THIS look like a tracking device?)

It was one thing to recreate mood rings, or create the tech jewelry that is now growing in popularity. But now...I feel completely screwed.

I've been wanting a Fit Bit (a fitness and sleep pattern tracking device and pedometer that connects to your mobile devices and computer) for months now, but I have been holding off on purchasing it. Well, now I may get one sooner than I anticipated.

Long time favorite designer of mine, Tory Burch has just released a Fit Bit collaboration. 

Burch has created beautiful holders for the fitness tracking devices, stylish enough to want to wear everyday, even to dressy occasions (the gold bracelet and necklace are amazing.) 

With these beauties to conceal your tracker, why not wear it every day.

And now I'm so going to get one...

For more info, check out Refinery 29