Wednesday, August 20, 2014

3 Reasons Target NEEDS to do a Plus Size Collab

By now, you already know I am a huge fan of plus size fashion. One of my heroes and curvy girl champion is Chastity Garner from GarnerStyle. She's an amazing Georgia native now keeping us blissfully in tune with all things curve celebrating in Cali.

But Chastity has a major problem with fashionably frugal destination, Target. Why? Because for the upteenth time, The Bullseye Boutique has KNOWINGLY omitted the plus community in its High Low collaborations, stopping it's sizes at 12. Worst of all this happened during the soon to be released beautiful and alluring Altuzarra for Target. (Like, I seriously just got so sad.)

Chastity says "Literally 50 pieces of beautiful (and I mean beautiful) affordable clothing and none of it will be remotely close to the size that I wear. The collection consists of deeps hues of burgundy, fabulous snakeskin prints, and fall worthy silk-like maxi dresses…enough to make any fashion lover lust. My heart sinks."

Mine does too, Chastity. The only thing that should keep anyone from such lovely and reasonably priced fashion should be an act of God, not an omission of a short sighted retailer. So until they have remedied this, Chastity is #boycottingTarget. 

And she's not alone, many many curvy girls are deleting the Cartwheel app from their phones and turning their backs on The Bullseye Boutique for good.

I personally feel torn. On the one hand, this doesn't directly concern me. I have found plent of items in my size from the last few Target collabs going back to Jason Wu. But on the other hand, I ache for anyone who cannot get beautiful clothing simply because the store didn't even attempt to make their size.

I am also a peace maker and here's what I propose to make peace between Tarjay and GarnerStyle; do a GarnerStyle Collab. Here's 3 reasons why:

1) Its GarnerStyle (Uh hello?!): 
It would just be an amazing collab. I mean, c'mon, have you seen some of this chick's outfits?
Like seriously, with killer looks like these it's hard not to trust her judgment. I would buy her stuff. I would wear her stuff.

2) Restock and Replenish Target's once plentiful plus section:
Since Target has removed a good portion of its plus size stock some time ago, promising to redo and renew the section (but has yet to live up to its promise) it would be a great way to win back the curvy ladies lost in aforementioned fashion related debacles.

3) Target is "supposed to be" all inclusive:
There are just simply too many brands/labels who say they don't do plus size fashion. A neutral retailer like Target that sells (literally) everything from post-it's to pacifiers to peanut butter to pretty peplum tops should also carry stylish plus size clothing. What Target is saying by not including curvy ladies into their high/low collaborations is "Sure, feel welcome. Sure, we appreciate you purchasing any of our other 1 million things we sell. However as far as fashionable clothing goes, you will have to go somewhere else." And with the average size of the American woman being a 14, that is a really bad PR move (on the list of already occurred really bad PR moves, eh-hem, credit card numbers stolen last year).

So let's make peace. Plus size ladies, let's put down the picketing signs. Target, let's pick up a curvy collaboration staring the one lady who brought attention to this entire styling mistake. Sounds like a beautiful restart of a fashionable friendship.