Friday, August 8, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, August 8th

Happy Friday people!

Today's featured links include 8 different times these low buns looked better than a topknot, how to actually wear kimono tops and jackets, the Do's and Dont's of dressing for every social situation, what happens when you don't complain for a full week, the expensive looking make over of H&M clothing, and the Pope wants you to stop playing on your phone and live life.

Byrdie: 8 times low buns were cooler than topknots
Refinery 29: The non music festival way to wear kimono tops
WhoWhatWear: The Do's and Dont's of EVERY dress code (because you're to busy to be unfashionable)
The Science of Us: What happens when you go 7 full days without complaining
Refinery 29: That time when H&M clothes started looking really expensive...
Relevant Mag: Even the Pope wants you to stop "goofing off" on your phones