Monday, August 18, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, August 18th

Happy Monday all!

Once again it's #ManCrushMonday and today's featured links include 10 amazing dude finds for $75 or under, 7 of the coolest grooming gadgets to keep your lines sharp, Axe finally realizes women don't like their body sprays, 6 ways to make your fitness regimen even better, Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows how manly it is to be a feminist, and one of the most amazing Robin Williams' tributes you will see.

Dappered: 10 best bets for $75 or less
Menswear Style: 7 of the coolest grooming gadgets 
Relevant Mag: Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows it takes a real man to be a feminist
Racked: So...about that Axe Body Spray and why women don't like it
Menswear Style: 6 ways to boost your fitness regimen 
Relevant Mag: One of the best Robin Williams' tributes you will see