Friday, August 8, 2014

Leopard and Body Con for your 6 year old and other absurdities in parenting

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed this morning, double tapping over every beautiful, funny, or intriguing post my friends and those I follow shared. And then it came across my screen, an advertisement from a company that sells women's clothing (pretty provocative clothing). 

But this wasn't this company's typical new bandage dress or low cut peplum top. This was an ad notifying followers that the company also specializes in kids clothing. 

Usually I would simply scroll by, continuing on my to other instas to be shared. But this one gave me pause. Why? Because of this part of the pic.
Here is a little girl I wouldn't say was older than 8 years old, probably younger, in a pretty mature outfit. Like really mature. Like too mature for a little girl.

I hate to sound like an old woman...but when I was her age, I couldn't wear skirts/dresses anywhere near that short or that tight. I couldn't even wear tinted lip balm. Yet here is this small girl dressed very womanly, and people are clicking the like button as if nothing was wrong.

I'm surrounded by 4 nieces, 1 God-daughter and a few more cousins and friends daughters. And there is no way I would be okay with any of their parents allowing those girls to dress this way. 

I thought about it for a while, asking myself what is really wrong with this outfit? I like the jacket to be honest. Paired with some overalls or even a tutu dress, this could be quite adorable. 

A purse is a purse. Most little girls want to carry a purse like mommy's, and fringe is pretty fun. 

I couldn't find any redeeming qualities for this dress. It is in my opinion way too short and too tight for a child. Think about it, body con dresses are for women who want to show off their body, hense the term "body con". And body cons aren't made for walking into church to pray, they are particularly for sexual attraction. And you want this on your daughter, why?

I needed to know I wasn't the only one who thought this way. Maybe I was overreacting. Maybe this is the thing now and I'm just some old school minded woman with strict disciplined ladylike, but obviously antiquated, upbringing. 

I discovered the opposite when I asked over social media for opinions. Here were the best responses: 

From Instagram:
Here here Carnesia! Children should dress as children. That means flowers, Hello Kitty, princess stuff, eyelets, not super short body con dresses that I would even let my 16 year old sister wear. 

From Facebook: 
Glad to see others are a little perturbed by this as well. And Chelsea is right. Why do they make kids clothing that looks like adult clothing? Why would you produce something for a kid's body that looks like it belongs on an adult's body? Why do you want your young daughter to dress like an adult?

And why would any wise parent purchase want to buy it?

What are your thoughts?