Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday Shoes Day: Summer Mules

The Ugly-Cute shoe is having a major moment. From chunky heeled platforms to Birkenstocks, the appeal in these seemingly unappealing shoes gives our basic outfits infusions of much needed quirk. Mules are no acception to this.

Last night while thrifting with a few of my gal pals (to be discussed in a very fun later post) I happened upon some black leather mules resting on a clearance shelf. Now let it be known that I don't even like mules. They were on the list of shoes I would never wear. 

But these I couldn't take my eyes off of. I picked them up, the leather felt like butter (at this point in our relationship, you should know how buttery leather makes me feel). They were my size. Clunky, chunky, but oddly appealing. The shoes were also by designer Dries Van Noten (if you are unfamiliar with this designer, that is okay. Think in the family of Laboutin, Zanotti, and Blanik) and were only $8. 

Following this purchase, I felt repentant (leave it to affordable luxury to change my mind). So this is my way of making up for my misguided mule malay, 9 pairs of gorgeous examples all under $50. Enjoy!

The Look for Less: Summer Mules