Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Waiting for Fall. Enjoying Summer.

It's August, and all of the fashion people are busy trying to get you to focus on the impending fact that Autumn is rapidly approaching. 

Back to schools sales, fall beauty ads, autumn theme shopping guides have us all excited for what many in fashion consider the most stylish season. Boots, sweaters, leather pants and skirts, gorgeous coats and jackets are filling up the pages of style glossies and blog posts and we all wait eagerly for the weather to catch up to our wardrobe desires...

But it's still August.

And that means it's still summer. 

I like summer. The heat. The relaxed feeling in the air. The way, whether because it's so hot or because you can, people simply slow down. And we need to slow down. 

We spend so much time rushing. We rush into things so quickly, we can barely enjoy them once we arrive where we originally wanted to be because we are now rushing into something new. And if summer is a reminder for us to take some time and enjoy where we are, I'll heed the season's advice.

I like the season that I'm in. And while I am paying attention to the coming autumnal trends, plotting what I may purchase, I will continue to enjoy the remainder of the warm weather.