Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, September 3rd

Happy Wednesday readers. I'm particularly proud of today's links roundup. Money saving, creative, and fun links await you on this hump day.

Featured today is how to properly DIY distress your jeans, the best beauty buys (NOT in the beauty aisle) of your drugstore, how household items can clean your jewelry (spoiler: ketchup is one of the things used), why you shouldn't wait for your dream job, how to build/fill in your classic wardrobe in 50 pieces or less, tricky ways to drink more water, and autumn's top jewelry trends for under $100.

A Pair and A Spare: DIY (Properly) Distressed Jeans
Byrdie: You best beauty buys are probably from the drugstore
WhoWhatWear: Clean your jewelry with household products
Relevant Mag: Don't wait for your perfect job...
NY Mag: 50 simple pieces to build your classic wardrobe
Byrdie: Trick yourself into drinking more water
Refinery 29: Fall's jewelry trends, all under $100