Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Real VS Deal: Gold cap toe quilted bootie

The capped toe is having a huge moment in style, as seen in this morning's Readables. Designers are slapping colored, patent, and most popular, metallic caps on their soon to be shown fall shoes.

Take Balmain's 2014 Quilted Gold Cap booties, which are literally lady-like and rock and roll smashed together. 

However, even with the $900 price reduction from their original $1500 asking price, they are still a steep purchase for footwear. 

Thank goodness that imitation is not only the biggest from of flattery but a huge style (and money) saver. Channel your inner Balmain girl in CiCi Hot's Coco boot. For a mere 37 bucks, you can rock shoes hottest trend for a fraction of the price.

Happy Tuesday Shoes Day ladies.

Real VS Deal: Gold cap toe quilted bootie

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$600 - balmain.com