Friday, September 12, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, September 12th

Happy Friday folks!

You made it to the weekend, therefore you deserve some treats and today's features are just that. Harvard publishes piece all about the basic b!tch, whip your budget into shape THIS fall, get rid of armpit stains in your whites for good, 10 shop swaps to keep your wardrobe original, upgrade your home without spending money, and 26 sweet and cheap pick-me-ups. 

Happy weekend all! 

The Cut: Harvard Scholars delve into the history of the basic chic
Refinery 29: Whip your budget into shape this fall!
WhoWhatWear: Keep those yellow armpit stains out for good
Racked: 10 shops swaps to help you not be a clone
Refinery 29: Upgrade your place for zero dollars
WhoWhatWear: 26 sweet pick-me-ups when you're broke as dirt