Monday, September 15, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, September 15th

Happy Monday and welcome to the beginning of another great week!

The chill in the air here in Philly is shifting our gears here at the Reclaimed to autumn minded practicality, which you will see reflected in the links. On Mondays, guys run the Reclaimed and featured today are 10 awesome items all under $75, 6 different awesome guy grooming products, how to organize your closets (gentlemen), weird but cool fall outfit inspiration, 5 different ways to style your denim jacket, the reasons we feel stuck at our jobs and how to quit, and maybe the coolest way to stay hydrated that you haven't heard of.

Dappered: 10 best for $75 or less
Menswear Style: 6 time saving top grooming products 
The Three F: Autumn wardrobe should do it
Suit Up Weird: Odd but cool outfit inspo
Style Girlfriend: 5 days/5 ways to wear the classic denim jacket
Refinery 29: Reasons we get stuck at our jobs and how to leave
Selectism: Keep hydrated with this weird but practical bottle