Friday, September 5, 2014

Want the top trends? Shop Thrift

As of Thursday, the world had officially plunged into the gauntlet known as Fashion Month. From here until October, countless models will grace stages, runways and catwalks alike donning various forms of fabrics, jewelry, bags and shoes, all created by designers of different levels. However, the ever rising prices on designer wares and wears has left the majority of us to merely look the beautiful things created...and sigh at its price tag

But good news...the majority of Autumn 2014's trends can be found in your local thrift. Seriously. It may seem counterintuitive to find something that is supposed to be the latest and newest where supposedly older items eventually end up, but I assure you that you can ( and will) find what you're looking for in resale.

Staples and good silhouettes never go out of style and you can find vintage classics in bulk for cheap. The color of the moment (which I guess is dark green...again) definitely can be found. As fashion is constantly in a state of recycling, the "trend" of the moment actually can be traced back to maybe a decade or two (or a few) ago. 

Let me give you some examples:

Oversize Silk Blouses/Button Downs
These are going to be seen everywhere this fall and winter. But it's a simple silk button down. That's it. I've already found a few different colors of these tops on the racks of the consignment and thrift shops. So feel free to stock up, after all for the price of a designer one of these new, you could have many (also a designer) from resale.

Bucket Bags
My fascination with the bucket bag is obvi well shared. Everyone is wanting and looking for these bags (there are waiting lists for certain designers). But while everyone is running to pick these up new, time tested vintage buckets are just waiting to be bought (no waiting lists required) And the added bonus: Since you are savvy enough to purchase used, you will only pay a fraction for what very few people own. Go you!

Mules are everywhere. Every shoe designer worth their salt is producing their own version of the iconic shoe. But these shoes were also popular in times past. Grab a vintage pair for an individualistic twist on the it shoe.

Statement Jewelry
Shiny things will always be in style. Statement jewelry is having a major moment, meaning everyone is buying it, meaning everyone is also getting rid of it (read donating and consigning) so they can get newer pieces. That means there are plenty of these bold pieces floating around. I've purchased 3 different J. Crew pieces from my local thrift, including a $100 necklace for $13 and even $65 earrings for $1. 

Delicate Jewelry
Same goes for delicate jewels. Everyone is buying it, therefore, everyone is making room for the newest and the latest, leaving you with picks of the greatest. I currently wear a simple silver knot ring that I nabbed from the thrift for only a buck.

Huge Coats
This one is a little tricky. Large coats are a throwback to early eras. Unless you luck up and find one in resale (I'm thinking your best bet to find a current one via consignment), the easiest way is to head to the men's department. That's right. The men's department. Big and boxy coats are in huge supply there. Grab one for a few bucks then use the cash you've saved to take it to get tailored just the way you like it. You will still come out ahead, saving potential hundreds of dollars and having a custom coat.

Live In Sweaters
Big comfy sweaters will always be great and are in frequent supply in resale (I mean c'mon, what's better on a cool day than a swallow me up sweater, leggings, tea and a Vogue...maybe that's just me).

It's a color...meaning you can find it anywhere. Meaning it's going to be in resale. Keep it current with modern shapes and takes on certain pieces. And remember you can always have it tailored.

Same as above. 

Intricate Patterns 
Artsy patterns reign this fall and winter. Good thing is they are pretty easy to find. Take this Gap skirt I found at the thrift for a few bucks for example. With a blouse and dark tights, I can make a current and instant fall classic look. When looking for patterns for fall, keep your eyes open for more geometric patterns and shapes (and ditch the florals for now) to keep your looks updated and on trend.

Head to Toe Denim
There are so many easy and chic ways to do head to toe denim. And because this trend is very easy to do ( I mean come on, just pile on the denim) it will be easy to find whether you do consignment or thrift. Pair an angular jean jacket with a curve loving denim skirt for a sexy yet comfortable feel. Try wide leg jeans with a denim buttondown for a relaxed but put together look. Have fun pairing different textures, shapes, and colors together to make a unique look.

So... Who's ready to go shopping?