Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, October 15th

Happy hump day people!

Today's features include the best denim styles for curvy girls, 17 classic pieces to keep in your wardrobe, the top foundations for darker skin tones, stain cleaning hacks to save your favorite pieces, 15 robe coats to wear all season, how to be brave in any situation, and different ways to un-boring your button down blouse. 

Refinery 29: Curvy Girls Only: the best jeans styles
Byrdie: Brown girl beauty: top foundations for darker tones
WhoWhatWear: 17 Classic pieces you will wear forever
The Coveteur: Oops! Cures for staining, scratching, and spilling on your fave pieces
Fashionista: 15 robe coats you'll wear until spring
Steven Furtick: How to be brave
WhoWhatWear: Un-boring you button down