Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday Shoesday: Shear(ling) Madness

So Birkenstock totally won spring/summer of this year. Fashionistas of all shapes, sizes, and financial standing ran out to the nearest shoe store or hopped on line to purchase the once trademark sandals of hippies and the offbeat. Some of us love them, some of us hated them, most of our boyfriends were confused about them. But however you felt about them, you couldn't deny the pervasiveness of the trend. 

Well Birkenstocks may have just gone too far. 
Meet the Arizona, fur lined Birkenstocks for the fall and winter...

Yeah that's how I feel about them too. So instead of succumbing to the shear ridiculousness (and downright lack of functionality, I mean have you experienced a Philadelphia winter? Not sandal weather at all, not even furry ones.)of this poor attempt to maintain a hold on a market that has now moved on to boots, booties and other, you know, closed show options.

For those who want to maintain the laid back yet semi sporty feel of a Birkenstock without loosing toes to frostbite, there are many other options.

And of course all of mine are under $100 and oh so cozy. Here's what to wear when you want shearling but simply refuse to wear those hideous fuzzy Birkenstocks.
Tuesday Shoesday: Shear(ling) Madness