Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Find- Real Vs Deal: The Quilted Boy Bag

Let's face it: Chanel makes beautiful bags. One of their latest creations, the "Boy" bag is Chanel at its finest: super supple quilted leather made tough by extremely high quality chain and metal accents. Amazeballs...

Unfortunately, Chanel bags often run way out of budget for most of us. I mean, who really has 3,000 bucks to just drop on a bag? (If you do then more power to you, and you can go ahead and get me one while you're at it 😁)

Accessories company Style Moi comes to the frugal fashionistas rescue with this quilted chain crossbody bag. Not nearly the same quality, but exactly the same look as the boy bag, and now, on sale!

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

Real Vs Deal: The Quilted Boy Bag