Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November No-Buy: Gratitude Day- Outerwear

Well here we are, already on day 5 of the November No-Buy. Something develops within you when you force yourself to stop aquiring things and look at all of the things you already have; gratitude. And this early in the journey, I am feeling pretty grateful. Here's one reason. 

Sunday was a particularly blustery day in Philadelphia with high winds and low temperatures. With this frigid combination, one can be literally caught out in the cold unless you're well-prepared with good outerwear. That's why today's gratitude day it's all about, outerwear.

I've nabbed some pretty awesome pieces over time. Here are my new lives and old favorites:
Merano Tribal Printed Faux Wrap Coat

Been wanting a wrap coat since September, but didn't want it to look like every other coat I own (monochrome). This one I found in Target and fell in love as soon as I laid eyes on it.

Brooklyn Industries Moto Jacket

Imagine a good thick hoody got a sophisticated makeover, and you would have this jacket.

Free People Faux Fur lined vest (mine is actually army green)

I love this vest. Super cozy without being constricting. Found it on a thrift store rack for maybe $8. Love! 

My favorite hats 

The white one with the gold heart is actually an eBay find while the Orange one was purchased at the beauty shop and the fuzzy one was found at the thrift. 

My favorite scarves

The green and pink ones were both gifts given to me by my boss while the paisley printed one I found at the thrift and the leopard one is from H&M.

What are some of your favorite pieces of outerwear? Shout them out below!