Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Organize like a fashion blogger, a.k.a. ,November No Buy- Day 12

It seems like last year's no buy was a snap. This year, however, I'm sort of feeling the shopping bug. 

So to quell the shopping beast, I decided to put that energy to better use: finally swapping out my warm weather wardrobe for my cold weather wardrobe.

Unlike in previous years, there wasn't much to get rid of. Usually I can fill several trash bags full of thrifted and second hand finds squired cheaply  and unnecessarily. This year, on the contrary, I  manage to nix 10 pairs of shoes. The rest of the items were all things I wanted to keep.

First: Remove ALL of the warm weather items from your closet and drawers. 
Take every thing out. Seriously, everything. Sort through all of it to see what to pack away (like sundresses, bathing suits, summery tops and shorts) as opposed to what you want to keep out for later use (such as tee shirts and tanks that can be very useful for layering). Once it's all sorted, fold/roll everything and place it into a storage bin. I slide this one into a space at the bottom of my closet. Sit items you may not want anymore or didn't wear this season aside.

Second: Sort through ALL of the cold weather items.
It's been months since you've seen these guys. Look for holes, tears, and any other damage to the garments. If it's ruined, put it in a separate pile to be repaired or toss them. For all the stuff that is more well than worn, start filling in those drawers.

Third: Break out the hangers
Some things, like sweaters, are best stored folded, while other items, like slacks and dresses ought to be hung up. Fill those hangers up and fold/ roll those knits in a way that you can see everything. I grabbed this useful shoes hanger for the center of my closet for things best stored folded, but I wear too often to put in drawers.

Finally: Bag up what you don't want.

Remember those piles we made of all that stuff we didn't want anymore? Here's where they come into play. If they are gently used items, why not save them for a swap with your girlfriends? Talk about shopping without spending! Whatever remains can be donated to charity, thrift, or (if it's really good) can be consigned.

You will be surprised at how seeing all of what you own makes you not long for anything new. I'm literally counting my blessings with every loved sweater I'm reunited with or ever bathing suit I store away. Thus renewing my energy to finish out this No Buy strong. 

For those who are joining me on the No Buy, I hope you are fairing well. What are some tactics you're using to stay encouraged?