Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Paper Magazine & Kim K attempt to break the Internet; instead, furthers disappointment

Last night, the Internet was a buzz with Paper Magazine's revealing of their new cover star. Kim Kardashian's ass, accompanied by Kim K herself. 

Yet for all of the posting of both versions of the amazingly classy cover (please note the sarcasm) no one really had anything of substance to say. No one really offered an opinion about it, at least not with any courage (or conviction). So I'll oblige.

I'm upset. I'm upset because for years, I've been secretly rooting for her. I've been reading negative headlines and taglines about her and would (in my own head) come to her defense. But this, this is just the last straw.

I think this a gross example of attempting to remain valid in a world that is quickly forgetting her. It's a cry to stay relevant, it's a shout for attention. It must be in vogue to self objectify (hello Nicki/Miley). It takes attention off of the fact that you really have nothing else to offer the world.

I guess being both a married woman and mother of a little girl are both not good enough reasons to maintain morals. Absolutely, Kim, it's awesome to teach North that she will eventually grow up to be a brainless, talentless sex object instead of a world changing, dynamic woman valued for her mind and spirit. Good job Kim.

No reason to steal Kim's naked pictures, hackers. At this point, she in all of her shameless glory are just like pictures of a sewer drain, there everywhere for everyone to see.

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. Remember how she even became a household name, a "leaked" (I have my suspicions as to whether or not it was accidental or intentional) version of her having sex with Ray J. I guess once an informal porn star, always an informal porn star, whether or not motherhood and setting an example comes into play or not. She's not exactly the bastion of morality, refinement, or sophistication.

The thing about it is that she COULD be. With all of her influence, sensibility, and funds, she could really benefit some cause, some community, someone other than herself. Instead, she chooses to plaster her naked, oiled body over the net for everyone to gawk at for as long as the Internet exist, this proving what so many have said about her. It breaks my heart to see one who could be so influential become nothing more than a blow up doll in the flesh.

Kim seems unfazed by the comments, saying "And they say I didn't have a talent...try balancing a champagne glass on your ass." 

I guess it's difficult to be fazed when you're as vapid as this. What are your thoughts?