Monday, November 10, 2014

Reclaimed Readables; November 10th

Happy Monday readers! 

This week's #mancrushmonday features major corporate cool inspiration; how to accessorize this fall; a new workwear brand that's more comfy than your sweats; Phillips takes trimmers to the final frontier; 5 gifts for every gentleman; serious shoe inspiration; and how to rocket fuel our careers. 

Guerreisms: Corporate cool suit inspo
Menswear Style: New brand promises the comfiest workwear
He Spoke Style: Style suggestion- accents for late autumn
The Three F: Trimmer company Phillips now using space tech for better shaves
Suit Up Weird: Shoes (because it's too cold to do anything barefoot)
The White List: 5 gifts for the modern gentleman
Refiney 29: 15 work hacks to propel your career