Friday, November 14, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, November 14th

Happy Friday good people! You made it to the end of a very chilly week. That deserves some cozy links as a reward. Featured today are 9 styling tips to keep your style this winter; Refinery 29 finds some of the best style in an unexpected place; how real grown ups cook; the arrogance of pursuing your dreams; confusion erupts around what plus size actually means; and how to successfully invest in jewelry. 

WhoWhatWear: 9 winter style saving tips
Refinery 29: Style stalking- Miami mall style
Domaine: How to cook and eat like your favorite adult
Relevant Mag: It's not arrogant to pursue your dreams
Byrdie: 7 times a make-under was better than a makeover
Refinery 29: Your fave brands all define plus-size way differently
The Coveteur: Jewelry Investing 101