Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Reclaimed Readables; November 4th

Happy Tuesday people! I hope that you are exercising your right to vote today.

If you haven't or aren't planning to vote, then today's features are for you. Here's why your vote matters and a 13 year old girl explaining why it's critical to vote. Other features include affordable celebrity finds, apartment improvements for under $100, outfits inspired by opposites, the chicest DIYs from Pinterest, speed your beauty routine, and why you need to thank your clothes.

Relevant Mag: Proof that your vote REALLY matters, and here's a 13 yr old to tell you why
Huff Post Style: Cheap Celebrity finds 
Domaine: Spruce up your apartment for under $100
Refinery 29: Style opposites that attract
WhoWhatWear: 9 chic Pinterest DIY projects 
Byrdie: Tips for a faster beauty routine
Refinery 29: You should be thanking your clothes