Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Reclaimed Readables; November 12th

Happy Hump Day readers! It's Wednesday already, time to celebrate with a few fun links. Today's features include 9 sneaky mascara tricks for amplified lashes; 15 different inspos to rock your cropped sweater, 10 signs that you've outgrown your former college bad habits; 5 easy ways to keep your home cozy and tidy; 12 ideas for a more interesting outfit, and proof that, like being sexy, great lingerie comes in all sizes.

Byrdie: Sneaky mascara secrets to longer/fuller lashes
WhoWhatWear: 15 cool ways to wear a cropped sweater
Refinery 29: 10 signs you've outgrown bad college habits
Apartment Therapy: A handful of simple things to do for a tidier/happier home
WhoWhatWear: 12 easy ways to make your outfit more interesting
Vogue: Proof that great lingerie comes in all sizes