Saturday, November 1, 2014

The November No-Buy

Happy Saturday good people. 

Well it's November first and that means it's time for our annual November No-Buy. 

It's 30 full days of not shopping, wearing and styling my own wardrobe, stretching my creative muscles, saving for future things, and most importantly, being grateful for what I already have. 

So in anticipation of the impending 30 day shopping abstinence, last night while everyone was trick-or-treating, I had the opportunity to get my own treats. 

Fully clad in cat eyes, cat ears, a fuzzy tail, and all-black I marched around Philadelphia looking for goodies of my own as a last hurrah.

I stopped by the newly opened Nordstrom rack and did way better than I thought I would do. Let me explain:

Here's the haul. 
I picked up a rollerball of one of my favorite scents, Coach Poppy, for about 15 bucks. Then I picked up a few other gems including: 

Cära NY Leather and Chain Bracelet
Originally $38, I paid under $10.

House of Harlow Sunburst Wrap Bracelet
Originally priced at $48, this one set me back $15.

Kate Spade Fey Top
Here's where it gets good. Originally priced for $178, I paid $14.93. No, I'm not joking. A top that is almost $200, I paid less than 15 bucks for. 

And my favorite find...
Trina Turk Beatrix Jacket
This amazing embroiled jacket is still sold at Nordstrom and there costs $328. I nabbed the only on at the Rack, in my size, for $19.93.

I call that a good way to wish shopping farewell. It's going to be a great No Buy. I hope you will join me in 30 days of wearing what we have, styling what we already own, saving some cash, and cultivating gratitude for what we have already been given.