Monday, November 17, 2014

Trail Blazers: 8 Men's Blazers for under $80

Is there anything that can dress up an outfit quicker than a quality blazer? I doubt it. The instant dapper that is added when a well tailored jacket is slid on is incomparable.

Unfortunately, so are the prices for such well made jackets. Today, I just saw a men's blazer for almost $1000. That's nuts. But it's also out of the price range for many of us. 

Which is why I scoured and searched to find 8 amazing blazers for under $80, most of them are actually closer to being under $50. And these are not your grand daddy's jackets either (although I'm certain he's a stylish dude too). Some are slim fit, some are luxe lined, there is even one with leather sleeves. But there is something for every style in this list, and most importantly, for every budget.

You're welcome gents!

Trail Blazers: 8 Men's Blazers for under $80