Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#TuesdayShoesday: In defense of my Ugg Boots

I don't know what fashionistas have against Ugg boots and but the beef really should end. There is just so much animosity between those of us who would call ourselves stylish and the winter mainstay boots, and I feel compelled to help end it. 

Considering that the temperatures rather than the calendar is telling us when it's winter, I've decided to pull out my old Ugg Boots. I received them as a gift the winter before I graduated college and have had them through many a rough and mild Philadelphian winter since. 

It should be noted that before I received them, I was highly critical of the shoes. I mean, cmon, they are called Ugg boots for a reason beyond the company's naming and branding. Honestly, I thought they were the ugly shoes and creation. (It should also be noted that I hadn't seen Birkenstock mules yet.) and yet every girl on West Chester University's campus was running out to grab a pair of these boots, willing to forgo the $150 plus price tag. I was so confused.

However as soon as I receive these boots, understood why. Warm and cozy comfort that is provided from his feet warming miracles. To say there are durable would be to do some type of injustice. They are more than just durable they last for-freaking-ever if you take good care of them. I now own two different pairs of the boots and I considering purchasing more as soon as the November no buy is over.

The fact is that the old Uggs are actually quite unattractive. However they are also quite warm, quite durable, and quite reliable as far as footwear goes for winter. 

And the new styles are even more fashionable meaning that the company is listening to what you stylish people have to say.

But even if you just don't like Uggs, never have and never will, you still have to respect their staying power. People are still buying them, winter after winter. They last for years, keep the feet cozy and dry, come in a wide variety of styles, colors and shapes. 

And they are just awesome. 

Hate if you want, I am an Ugg believer.