Monday, December 15, 2014

DONT BUY THAT: Bad Gifts for Girlfriends

Guys, it's actually super easy to knock Christmas gifts out of the park when it comes to us ladies. Most of us are pretty easy to figure out. Botanicals, fragrances, luxurious candles, are usually great for newer relationships. Gifts such as clothing and jewelry once you two know each other much better. You can't really go wrong with an experience gift such as sending her off to get a massage, taking her out to dinner, sending her to a class that she's been wanting to take (hello Groupon) or even cooking her favorite yourself. 

See? Easy as pie.

So why then do so many of you all fail at gifts? I mean I've heard some stories of gifts gone wrong that continue to blow my mind.

So, with just a few days left, I've made you a little guide on what to absolutely not buy, broken down into 4 categories:

The "Why" Gift: this present is just odd. It's something weird when you were going for unique and unexpected. Sweet sentiment, bad present. DONT buy it.

The "Benefits Me More Than You" Gift: This gift screams selfishness. You bought her something that has sex slathered all over it...just so you could have more...bad move bro. You bought her some pretty pricy DVDs...but they were all movies YOU wanted to watch? Yeah you suck. DONT buy it.

The "No Thought" Gift: This present is something you just picked up on Christmas Eve and tried to pass it off as a gift. Slippers? A pack of candy? Some other weird thing that really shows zero thought? Please, for the sake of your relationship, DONT buy it.

Finally, the "Mean" Gift: You and your gal have that sarcastic/ sweet thing going on, so you think by buying her something mean, it's will be a funny present. The only problem? It's the only present you got her. Yeah, not cool dude. This is obvious, but Christmas isn't the time to be mean. DO NOT but it.

Go for something meaningful, something thoughtful, something considerate, odds are you can't go wrong.