Thursday, December 11, 2014

Reclaimed Readables, December 11th

Salutations to ya on this Thusday!

Today's links feature 15 fuss-free outfit ideas for the holiday party marathon, multipurpose make up kits for your glamorous friend on the go, real guys speak out on your girly decor, the beauty industry sets its sights on fighting pollution, your friends online habits driving you nuts and what to do about it, J.Crew's newest capsule collection was designed by a preschooler, and all the tights/stockings you can deal with this week.

WhoWhatWear: 15 fuss free outfit ideas for all these year end parties
The Zoe Report: Multipurpose Makeup kits for the glam girl on the go
Domaine: Real guys tell us what they think about your feminine decor
Racked: Beauty's next frontier- fighting pollution
WhoWhatWear: J.Crew's latest collab includes a brilliant 4 year old
Relevant Mag: Your friends are driving you away from Facebook/Instagram? Read this...
The Coveteur: The most comprehensive hosiery guide you will see today