Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reclaimed Readables; December 16th

Well hello to ya, dear readers and friends.

Today's featured links include over 200 times Michelle O literally owned FLOTUS fashion, easy ways to spot a fake bag, tricks to make that bedroom of yours way more cozy, why you need to know Ava DuVernay, DIY your own chic holiday clutch, 6 hacks to your best winter skin yet, and make your own peppermint candy cane bath salts (to gift...or to keep).

The Cut: Michelle Obama's DIY holiday dress and over 200 times she owned FLOTUS Fashion
Refinery 29: Dead giveaways that bag is a fake 
Apartment Therapy: Make that big bedroom feel more cozy 
Relevant Mag: Why you need to know Ava DuVernay
WhoWhatWear: Your chic DIY clutch is only a short tutorial away
Refinery 29: 6 hacks to your best winter skin
Ramshackle Glam: Make your own candy cane bath salts