Friday, December 4, 2015

Cozy Classy Friday

I love a sweater/ skirt combo as you guys have probably noticed at this point. I believe in crafting your "uniform" (comprising of all of the best shapes for your body type and tastes and sticking to it. A sweater and pencil skirt is one of my uniforms) but aside from that, today's is probably my most favorite due to it's simplicity and it's cozy factor.

I took this tan H&M sweater and paired it with a black suede pencil skirt. Oxblood ankle boots and a matching longline sleeveless coat add a seasonal pop of color while a suede black bag finish the look that finished your week.

Happy Friday loves.

Cozy Friday

Glamorous midi skirt
$39 -

Red booties
$38 -

Oasis black handbag
$48 -