Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Find: Minimal Jewelry for Minimal Money

Minimalism: an aesthetic that prizes clean lines over excess and frills. It celebrates the beauty of simplicity and elegance in the everyday, and it has won over the hearts of many, especially within our jewelry boxes. 

And while minimalistic pieces can be 
found in every price point, there is a misconception that very few "good " pieces can be found without breaking the bank or heading to eBay or Tradesy. But I discovered the above quintessential minimalist jewelry for a bargain (and on sale) at Old Navy! These clean and sleek pieces can be found anywhere, you just need to know where to look.

How about starting below, where I have compiled my favorite minimal pieces for $50 and under. How's that to start your weekend?

Happy Friday loves!
Minimal Jewelry for Minimal Money

Metal bangle

Geometric jewelry

Layered pendant necklace

Star jewelry

Asos jewelry
$9.30 -

Asos jewelry
$7.87 -