Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Rain Rain, please go away...

After two full days of at times torrential rain and at times sprinkles and fog, here we are begging for the precipitation to take a break. At least a good pair of rain boots makes things a little better. 

Take, for example, these great rain boots ( for only $35). I paired these wine colored boots with a paisley shirt in complementary colors. Then I added an office ready pencil skirt (in army green) and a classic trench. I finish this rainy day look with a wine colored bag and the necessary umbrella and we are ready to tackle another wet day without our look being drowned out by rainy day gear. 

Happy Wednesday friends!
Rain Rain, please go away...

ONLY cuff shirt
$49 -

Beige coat
$41 -

M S Collection button skirt
$42 -

Snake shoes

M Co bohemian purse
$34 -