Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: The best stuff you're not buying from Five and Below

I remember prepping for college and hitting a few places that A) I knew would have cool essentials and nicknacks and B) I could afford. One of those spots was Five and Below, where, as you've guessed if you probably didn't know, everything was priced at $5 or less. I could grab punny notebooks, dorm essentials (you know, the prerequisite Hello Kitty pillow, throw and matching mouse pad) a new DVD and bath and beauty items. Sometimes I'd grab a puzzle book or novel, a new phone charger, and anything else I needed (read: wanted) and I could leave this store with several full bags without spending even $30. But I really hadn't been back since getting my degree.

However, a recent random stroll led me into a newly opened Five and Below. I discovered that it had both remained the same (I did see character throw blankets) and simultaneously it had grown up (just a bit. Below are some of the awesome finds I saw at Five And Below, all good reasons to check it out for yourself. 

Circle Scarves
Fun Eye Cases
Flash Activated Cases
Portable Chargers
Sock Buns
Unicorn Speakers (umm yeah)
Selfie Sticks
Travel Speakers
Phone speakers
Cool Tees
Velvet Hangers
Face Brushes
Chic eye kits
Tribal Scarves

EOS Products
Chic Pillows
Cool Phone Cases
Blanket Scarves
Soft Lips Products
What was the coolest thing you've found at Five and Below?