Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tuesday ShoesDay: Finding my dream winter boot at Buffalo Exchange

I usually take Tuesday Shoes Day and feature a style I love or trend that is about to blow up big (except in your wallets, of course).

But a visit to my local Buffalo Exchange quickly went from just a quick peak to a glorious second hand shopper moment when after browsing a few racks, looking up and discovering the boots I've been searching for for 3 months now. 

In my size. 

In the color and material I wanted them.

In gorgeous condition.

For almost a third of the price they are asking for right now. 

For us experience thrifters and second hand shoppers, this is like finally catching our white whale. And I snagged mine in Sorel's Joan of Arctic boots. 
And here they are! 

You cannot imagine how excited I am about not only finding these, but finding these the way I did. I saw them a few months ago while scrolling the blogs and fell in love. 

Seen on celebrities like Elle McPherson, Liv Tyler, and Maria Menounos and winter fashionistas alike, Sorel's Joan of Arctic boots combine function and fashion with a removable inner lining so you can trade out the fur for a warm but less fuzzy inside. These cozy and convenient shoes are on the pricier end for winter boots, originally $170 from Sorel, I've seen them around for almost $240 and are currently being sold at stores like REI and J Crew. 

Glad to have found them. Now to find some snow!