Sunday, December 13, 2015

Uggs for girls who don't like Uggs

(Photo from We Heart It)

The typical Ugg boot isn't for everyone. Some may find them bulky, clunky, or just flat out Ugg-ly. And while I personally love mine (one pair I just purchased a few months ago and one I've had for almost a decade (seriously. I take really good care of my stuff for the most part), and while Uggs have made a major comeback, I never assume that they (or any other piece of fashion) are made for anyone. 

After speaking with a few of you following my last post on Uggs, (thanks for emails, keep them coming.) I have compiled some of my top picks of Ugg produced footwear that still give you the comfort known by the brand without the clunky, chunky style that, while they made this brand very popular, may not be your style. 

Enjoy and happy Sunday!
Uggs for girls who don't like Uggs