Monday, December 7, 2015

Up to your neck

(Photo from We Heart It)

Monday's can really be, well, Monday's. Nothing worse than returning from a fun and relaxing weekend to being swamped with work.

Well, at least you can be up to your neck in a good way. Take this turtleneck, for example. I know, you haven't worn a turtleneck since your mom forced you to for your elementary school pictures, but trust me, turtlenecks now are way more comfortable and way less nerdy. And you will look just as dapper if you just give it a try.

To make it easy on you, I paired the turtleneck with familiar and comfortable slacks, easy to wear desert boots, and a few other accessories to keep you both warm (uh hello December) and cool (think Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Bennedict Cumberbach, or Shaft!). And, as you've come to expect, each piece of this stoppable look only will set you back $50 or less.

Enjoy gents.
Up to your neck