Wednesday, January 20, 2016

18 Reasons life is better in your 30's than 20's

In less than a month, I will be 31. 

To some, just saying that spells the end of the world and all that is fun. In our "stay young forever" society, 30 somehow spells doom to youth and exuberance.

However, I'm excited to skip over the divide of young adult into the land of full fledged adulthood. My experience of 30 directly contradicts that fun and exploration and excitement all end at 25. In fact, I have had more fun in my 1 year as a 30 year old than I have for the majority of my twenties. Its the age where wisdom meets youth. It's where you've grown enough to know better and how to do better. 

Here are 18 reasons why your 30s are (or will be) so much better than your 20s:

18) Priorities are solidified:
Priorities may have been established in your 20's, but they become cemented in your 30's. When you have solidified the things that really matter, it's easy to see the things that don't. 

17) You stop taking things so seriously, and personally:
You're eyes are opened, for whatever reason, to the severity life can have. It is then that you can see how many things, in contrast, aren't so serious. 

16) You value experiences over objects:
There was a time when I would rather receive a physical gift rather than a gifted experience. Not anymore! Gifting me a yoga or painting or kick boxing or belly dance class is way more exciting than receiving a gift of some sort. Also, after you turn 30, holidays and birthdays may go gift less, but spending time with friends and family is a gift that you start to treasure more as you age.

15) Alcohol is not needed for a good time: 
A drunken haze doesn't necessarily equate to a good time. You start to  want to remember good times, you start to want to have them without gross consumption of dranks.

14) You really get to know yourself:
At 30, you take serious inventory. Three decades of your life are now behind you. You have learned a lot, grown a lot, and now you really know yourself. 30 is the sweet spot where real confidence slips in. You've achieved a lot and you've overcame a lot and you're more comfortable with who you are.

13) You fall in love quality:
Suddenly, quality begins to really matter. You won't waste on things you feel are not of quality, whether it's clothing or relationships. You look for things that have staying power, things that will last, things with longevity, and are willing to sacrifice a room full of fillers for a few high quality things. 

12) You've learned your strengths and still have strength to work on your weaknesses:
You now know those things you're really good at and find ways to operate in your gifts. But you also know where you could use some fine tuning. This is the perfect age to know your weaknesses because, unlike finding out your weaknesses later in life, you now have the vitality to work on them, should you desire. 

11) You stop comparing yourself to others:
You've learned and witnessed how many people actually fake it to make it. You are not impressed by the Instagram pic, knowing full well how much staging and filters could have went into its prep. You stop worrying about what others are doing around you and really focus on self improvement, not to keep up with the Jones', but because you now realize your own worth and want to invest in yourself.

10) You start to like space:
Clutter becomes an enemy that must be defeated. You begin clearing out the crap you've amassed, sacrificing trendy cheap stuff for well made basics. 

9) You've honed some serious adulting skills: 
You know how to decorate your place and make it feel like a home. You've learned different life hacks. You can whip up a healthy and delicious meal. You have a budget that you actually use and even some savings. You know how to get the best without spending a fortune. 

8) You know how to navigate relationships: 
You've been through (or have witnessed) enough heart aches and heart breaks to know what to avoid. You can smell BS from a mile away. You don't have many friends, not because you're not social, but rather because you have done the work of relegating certain people to acquaintances. You're eliminating toxic relationships and surround yourself with people who only lift you higher.

7) You know what you bring to the table:
You, now knowing who you are, know what you have to offer. You know your worth and value. You know what you bring to the table, and at this point in the game, you're perfectly comfortable being at that table alone. 

6)You appreciate "me" time:
In our 20s, our calendars were filled with dates and events and parties we had to attend with people we barely liked to impress people we didn't. No longer. An empty space on the agenda is relished as  a treasure when you can sneak off on your own and do things for yourself. But a new book, get a mani without it being a group event, treat yourself you a minin binge of your favorite show. Me time is where it's at.

5) You value time:
Money can be spent and replenished, but time, once it's gone, is gone forever. Knowing this, you invest your time in things that really matter to you. You deplore wasting your time. And because you don't want to waste your time, you don't want to waste anyone else's. 

4)You start to see how common opinions are: 
Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one, including you. Because you've done the work of placing people in their proper circles in your life, very few people's opinions actually matter. 

3) You value authenticity:
Authenticity becomes a huge deal. Not just in your closet, but in your everyday life. You tell people the truth, you don't feel the need to explain why you do or don't like something. You love the real thing, whether it's a bag, a boo, or a best friend, and you know how to tell the difference. 

2) You value comfort over trendsetting:
Gone are the days that you buy the latest shoe knowing that after 45 minutes of wearing them you will hate them. Nope. Not gonna do it. You stick to shoes, styles, and silhouettes that work for your body and make you feel your best. 

1) You stop apologizing for being you:
You know who you are, you know what you like. You may not know what you want to do with your life, but you know how you want to live it. You love yourself, and so you stop saying sorry for being you.