Monday, January 11, 2016

Dapper Dudes: The Guys of Golden Globes 2016

The Golden Globes, like most award ceremonies red carpets, were full of glitz and glamour, with most of the attention being focused on the gowns. Yet the carpet was also full of the smooth, the well tailored, the dapper dudes that were all but ignored compared to the ladies. 

But these guys could have walked the red carpet with "Classic Man" as their soundtrack, and no one would have faulted them. Here were my favorite guys of the evening:

#10: Jamie Foxx
First of all, I didn't know that Jaime was even old enough to have a daughter who was old enough to host any award show, yet shout out to her because she did so with grace and elegance of a professional. Oh, and Jaime looked good too. Black on black on black never fails to impress.

#9: Jon Hamm
This mad man looked anything but on the red carpet, looking very much dapper. 

#8: Brad Goreski
Brad is one of my favorite stylists to watch, choosing a vintage tux silhouette and looking nerdy chic. 

#7: Michael Fassbender
The Steve Jobs actor looks very well put together in tailored basic tux attire.

#6: Gerard Butler
One of my favorite action heroes, Gerard was very stately on the red carpet.

#5: Will Smith 
Being a Philly girl and a former Fresh Prince addict aren't the only reasons Will Smith will probably always make my best dressed, it's because he deserves the spot (and Jada looks stunning of course).

#4: Rami Malek
Mr. Robot looks very handsome in his slimmer tux and bow tie.

#3: Orlando Bloom
He played Legolas and Captain William Turner in two of my favorite movie series, and he always does well on the red carpet. 

#2: Michael B. Jordan
Michael B holds it down, looking the epitome of dapper is an impeccably tailored tux. 

#1: John Krasinski
In a stunning upset, Michael B Jordan is coming second to anyone. But before you stone me, let me explain!
John Krasinski has had a place in my heart since he played the lanky, hilarious, quick witted and sensitive Jim on The Office. I fell for the nerd, and I fell HARD. So to see John, buffed up, bearded, but still oh so handsome, he snatched first place with few contenders. 

Those were my top picks! Who was on your list? Comment below!