Monday, January 25, 2016

How to look hot and be warm when it's cold outside

It's cold out. 

Like, really cold. And the recent epic snowstorms made this once mild and pleasent winter even that more cold. So the object of every time you now leave the house is don't freeze to death.

But how do you do that without forfeiting your oh so dapper style? Here are a few tips to surviving winter handsomely.

Thin is in:
It may seem counterintuitive, but aim for thin knits as opposed to big bulky layers. Why? Because layers have advantages that bulk doesn't;
1) Several thin layers, such as a tee, an Oxford, and a thin knit sweater not only look very put together, but will keep you surprisingly cozy.
2) A few thin layers will fit comfortably under your coat where a big knit might be too thick for a comfortable coat fit.
3) Should you get warm, you can peel off a layer or two to get comfortable. 

Layer Up:
If, after all that layering, you choose to wear a blazer or suit jacket, you will definitely fit well. It's another layer of protection against the cold, so go for it.

Long John's: 
I promise you that most women you know are putting either tights, leggings, or fleece lined leg wear beneath their pants this winter. And with long john's, you can do the same. These leg protectors will keep your gams warm all the way to work. Just slip them right beneath your slacks or jeans and you're good to go. Again, if you get too hot, once you get to work, just take them off. 

Get Booted:
With so many dressy styles and casual classics, boots have come a long way. Grab a waterproof pair and add another layer of warmth with a pair of cozy socks and you're good to go. 

Get a Good Coat:
January is the best time to buy a coat as the majority of them are now on sale. Whether you're into puffer coats or you stay dapper in wool trenches, find a cozy one. When in doubt between a dapper but thin coat vs a good, yet less stylish version, my rule is aim for the less stylish one and jazz it up with accessories. The point of a coat is to be warm, so...yeah do that. 

Hat Attack: 
Wear a daggone hat. So many guys are opposed to hats because they worry about their hair. But the majority of your body heat escapes from your head, therefore, hats are essential for keeping you cozy. And there are so many great styles to suit every temperament. My rule: take a comb/ brush with you. Again, when you have the choice between being stylish and being smart (warm), choose smart every time.

That's all I got for you handsomes. What are some ways you use to keep warm.