Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Reclaimed Readables, January 26th

Happy happy Tuesday beautifuls!

Today's Readables feature winter boots on sale now, saving your smelliest shoes, how 1 woman's week long heel wear boosted her confidence, frayed denim at every price point, professional upgrades that pay off, major tax deductions to take advantage of, fashionable upcycling ideas, panty styles and why to wear them, and he results of a that study pits upscale products against drugstore products

The Cut: Winter boots on sale now
WhoWhatWear: How to save your smelly shoes, best frayed denim styles, heels vs confidence
Huff Post Style: Fashionable upcycle ideas
My Domaine: Professional upgrades that pay off
Refinery 29: Major tax deductions, panty styles
Byrdie: Upscale beauty vs drugstore products