Thursday, January 7, 2016

When in doubt, Camel out

Camel has become the go to color, not just for a chic coat, but now for other items as well. As you can tell, I've been in a very unusual monochrome moment this week, and here is another example of a non boring way to wear just one color. 

This fringe sweater is interesting enough on its own, but when paired with a leather like midi skirt and strappy heels, it looks all the more elevated. Toss on your classic camel coat and shades and finish the look with a minimalistic bucket bag for a style that says polished and professional wig out being only black and white. In usual Reclaimed style, all of the pieces here are $50 or less (because just because you look expensive, doesn't mean you have to be expensive.)

Happy Thursday!
When in doubt, Camel out

Shirt sweater

Long beige coat

Lace up stiletto

Warehouse brown bucket bag
$36 -