Tuesday, January 12, 2016

When you're sick of wearing black...

Something happens when you've worn all your black, grey, and even brown when you kind of snap and need an infusion of some serious color. 

I grabbed this cozy chic turtleneck dress in a great mustard yellow. Pairing it with my favorite coat of the winter, this crane coat, and green suede boots, the look gives a serious blast to the winter blues (or, for sake of this post, blacks). I anchor the look using the grey from the coat, adding grey sweater tights, a unique grey bag, and grey shades to finish the outfit. 

This is a fun work ready look to get you out of your drab cold weather colorless rut, keep you warm (because winter) and keep you stylish all at the same time.When you're sick of wearing black...

Trench coat
$28 - newchic.com

Handbags tote

Quay round sunglasses
$35 - princesspolly.com