Monday, February 8, 2016

Cheap and Free Valentine's Day Dates

As you've seen in the previous post, Valentine's Day doesn't have to be expensive. 

But what if you are dating or married to a woman who values experience more than gifts? Then you, sir, need to plan a date. 

No, I'm not talking the typical Valentine's Day dinner at some expensive restaurant. I'm talking unique and fun ideas to make this Valentine's Day super special. 

Before we talk about those, I want you to think about what are the qualities of a great date:
A time blocked off for quality time for you two
A fun experience
An enriching experience
Something memorable (in a good way)

That's it. Those four points make for a great date. Cost is not a major factor, especially when you've been dating or married for some time.

Beyond those parameters, there exists a huge variety of experiences that can be classified as dates, and a lot of them are fairly cheap (or even FREE!) Here are just a few ideas for a romantic and memorable Valentine's Day experience.

-Go to a used bookstore and find the weirdest/funniest/or coolest book to read together
-Instead of going to dinner, meet up for breakfast
-Visit a library together: 
(Libraries often have events and courses they offer to the community, many of which are cheap or even free. Visit your library's website for more details)
-Paint Night/ Painting with a Twist
-Visit historical sites
-Gym/ Workout date
-Visit an art show
-Cook a new recipe together
-Visit an open house
-Have an ice cream / hot chocolate date

-Enroll in a class at your local community center
-Go to an arcade together
-Have an indoor picnic 
-Attend a free auction
-Go to happy hour together
-Visit museums on their free/discount day
-Go on a IKEA date
-Do karaoke 
-Take a dance class
-Attend a lecture
-Go roller skating 
-Have a Board game night
-Attend a trivia night
-Check out a local band together
-Attend a home improvement class 
-Have a bake off
-Attend a book or poetry reading

What are some of your ideas for a frugal Valentine's Day? Comment below!