Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dry and Fly

Today, much of the eastern seaboard is being drenched in a soaking weather system that is soggily annoying at best and down right dangerous at worse! Most of us who aren't in the danger areas still have to deal with wind and lots of water. So, how do you keep it chic for the office when you may need a rowboat instead of a car? 

Well, keep things interesting with the above top in a marble print (because, I love marble everything) and a par of complementary window pane printed pants. Keep those feet dry and still cute with a pair of disguised ankle booties. A cozy waterfall coat and wide brim hat aid in keeping you warm while a waterproof purse and an umbrella will keep things dry.

Happy Wednesday loves!
Dry and Fly

Tie dyed shirt

Miss Selfridge jacket

Topshop pants
$23 -

Handbags tote

Topshop floppy hat
$39 -