Thursday, February 11, 2016

How to not wear all black all winter

Winter can be a bleak black hole of thick knits, fleece lined undergarments, and enough layers to swim in, this drowning your creativity if you're not careful. What I do to keep my winter outfits (and posts here)interesting is that I issue a challenge to myself everyday. Today's challenge: NO SOLID BLACK. 

Anyone who has been reading this blog long enough knows how difficult this is for me. Just to give you an idea, let's just say that I'm probably the most happy people you know who has a wardrobe that is about 75% dark colors, most of that being black.

I started out with an eyecatching yet demure piece, this cape blazer (that I am quickly becoming a big fan of) and added it to this mustard yellow turtleneck knit dress. I then added suede over the knee boots (because it's frigid today). I finished this look with some complementary accessories and a warm coat for a victories outfit challenge fulfilled!

Happy Thursday!
How to not wear all black all winter