Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thrifty Thursday; Fancy Vintage Bucket Bag

(Photo from Pinterest)

Having a keen eye for detail and quality will always help you out in thrifting. 

Proof of this goes as follows: During a casual jaunt through my favorite thrift store, I happened upon this beauty, stowed behind smaller bags on a shelf. Being the ever curious thrifter, I dove in. Lifting the bag, I noticed the weight, the texture of the leather, the surprisingly good condition it was in, the deep impressions of the brand on its rings. They read Lancel.

Now I have to stop here for a moment of honesty and confess that I had never heard of this brand before. And I already owned enough bucket bags (like seriously, and I just listed one of my nicer ones last week!) So, originally, I had no intent upon keeping this one. 

But the feel of the leather and the quality in the details caught my attention. Pulling out my trusty phone, I typed in the brand name and type of bag and voilà! I discovered that I found a gem sitting on a dusty shelf of my favorite thrift shop. 

In fact, this bag, the Lancel Elsa Bucket bag, is a European bag. Apparently this beauty coverts into four other bags, comes with an equally chic pouch, is now discontinued but still sought after, and originally sold for $700!

I paid $9. You can feel my excitement.

And discovering a fancy pants vintage bucket bag during a season when buckets are the bags to carry is just one small example of the kind of cool things you can find when you pay attention to quality and details.

Happy thrifting y'all!

What was the best thing you've found while thrifting? I want to know! Comment below.